Traveler of the world

Author of 12 books

Spirited Adventurer

Native New Yorker. Traveled around the world solo. Lived in seven states, two countries and on two continents. Wrote 12 books. Sang back up on one Tiny Tim Christmas album. Rode an elephant. Featured on Oprah’s Remembering Your Spirit segment. Don’t own a television. Introverted but nobody believes it. Failed 10th grade geometry; aced graduate school statistics. Was a vegetarian for 18 years until I woke up one morning screaming, “Tuna!” Wrote a newspaper magazine column called Dating Gina in which there was very little dating. Ran three marathons and at the end of each always wondered, Why? Latest hero: Singer/Songwriter Rodriquez, the title figure in the 2012 documentary Searching for Sugarman, for his artistry and humanity.