Lower East Side

In 1970, an African-American family moved from Vladeck City Housing Projects on Manhattan’s Lower East Side to a then predominantly white, Jewish community along the East River. Black and Blintzes; Growing Up Not Quite Jewish On The Lower East Side is a coming of age mosaic about forming identity within and outside the proscriptions of tribe.

My Childhood Era

Foods I Grew Up On
Kossar’s Bialys and Gus’ Pickles are right
up the street from my apartment

Crossing Delancey Trailer
A great movie filmed in my neighborhood
where Black and Blintzes takes place

  The Cultural Mix




Lower East Side History Project

NYC walking tours; Non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Lower East Side history;
walking tours, events, calendar, map, blog, research, news, articles, images, more.

Museum of the City of New York Collections Portal

Collection of nearly 1500 Lower East Side photos from the 18th, 19th and 20th
centuries capturing the historic essence of this rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.



The Lo-Down

The Lo-Down is a community news web site covering politics, food, the arts, nightlife and real estate
on the Lower East Side of New York. We focus on neighborhood issues such as gentrification,
affordable housing, crime, job opportunities, education, parenting and transportation.


Black and Blintzes

Growing Up Not Quite Jewish On The Lower East Side
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The Grand Tour of Grand Street

Grand Street is so called because it was unusually wide when first laid out in the mid-18th Century. It runs the width of Manhattan Island, from the East River to the Hudson. It is a thoroughfare that connects, from east to west, the neighborhoods of the Jewish Lower East Side where I grew up (on Grand Street itself), what’s left of Little Italy as much of it has been subsumed by Chinatown, and SoHo.

These days everybody and their second cousin offer walking tours – free and for a fee. If, though, you’re a do-it-yourselfer and like to amble through a thriving megalopolis, then you’ll love touring Grand Street on your own, especially now that Lower Manhattan – the east side in particular – is undergoing steroidal change. For the detailed 411 for your tour, visit New York Songlines.com, an amazing virtual walking tours site that provides a street-by-street pictorial for your Grand Street tour.