come down south to discover your True North

Let’s Go!
The $1,650 Sarasota Experience includes:

• 20 hours one-on-one interaction with Gina

• One welcome dinner

• One out-of-comfort zone sport or movement practice such as paddle boarding, cycling, Jet ski, yoga, free dancing, kayaking (no skydiving, I promise!)

• Two 30-minute calls: one month before and after the Sarasota Experience


In Full

Two payments of $825, the second and final payment made two months before your arrival.

2 Payments

Three payments of $550, the third and final payment made two months before your arrival.

3 Payments

One month before you arrive we begin our journey together by phone.

Cost for The Sarasota Experience is non-refundable and non-transferable. Should you cancel your Sarasota Experience your reservation will remain active for one calendar year from the time of cancellation. You must rebook and complete your Sarasota Experience before the end of the one year cancellation grace period.


Why Gina?
I’ve got a knack for introducing people to experiences that inspire them to grow in Mind, Body and Spirit. Always have. Even as a child

Now that I’m grown up I:

• have a master’s degree in education

• am trained in facilitation and expressive arts

• Specialize in experiential learning models and stages of readiness for behavior change

• have favorably influenced the lives of thousands for the past 25 years in my work across the United States and in Southeast Asia – from my roots in diabetes education and management of Johnson & Johnson’s health promotion programs, to my train-the-trainer work with the Singapore government and empowerment programs for teens in Southwest Florida.

But it is my keen, lifelong nurtured intuition, emotional sensitivity and personal experience with dramatic, deeply satisfying life shifts I rely on most when facilitating your custom Sarasota Experience. I have traveled solo around the world, transitioned from a 20-year corporate career to doing work I love, and live in a climate and culture that suit my natural rhythms; my Rightful Geographic Home.

These native gifts, your undistracted focus on your life desires and the Gulf Coast’s breathtaking surroundings and positive vibrational energy create your Sarasota Experience.

It’s never too late to shift Never too early to live joy When you are ready I’ll be here With joy, Gina


Develop New Perspectives
Tested with new actions that
reinforce new beliefs,
which become a way of life.


Shift Core Beliefs

• can’t to can

• burden to freedom

• fear to courage (acting in spite of fear, not fearlessness)

• living in a place by default to living in your Rightful Geographic Home (by choice)

• doing work that drains you to work you love


A weeklong, life change immersion opportunity in one of the world’s most beautiful settings: Sarasota, Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico.

Through one-on-one custom organic play – using sound, movement, the natural environment and visual arts – you will explore personal belief systems in a safe setting. This multi-modality approach in a compressed timeframe becomes your metaphor upon returning home; one you will access to hasten the journey toward your life’s goals as you’ve defined them.

We begin that journey together one month before you arrive to lay the groundwork for non-distracted immersion in The Sarasota Experience.

The Sarasota Experience