What a Doll!

I’ve loved and played with
dolls my entire life.

My security blanket at age three: a Native American squeeze doll. Press her heart and she squeaks. Dad said I would pop the doll’s head off and cart it with me everywhere I went. He finally stopped putting the doll’s head back on its body because I’d pop it off again and again.
When Dad died in 2004,
I found her, my first doll love. Dad kept her safe
in a box of his personal belongings along with
other items I hand crafted for him
throughout my childhood.


As I grew I became enchanted with Little Kiddles, Gumbyand up until Junior High was wild about Barbiesfor which I designed evening gowns out of tissue and scotch tape.  As an adult I crafted mixed media dolls annually for a local library’s fall fundraiser. In my 30s, I stopped making dolls for a decade.
Then in the winter of 2009, I experienced a serious episode of clinical depression. Among the many roads I traveled to find my way back was reconnection to my love of visual arts in the form of doll making. For that first year of recovery, all I wanted to do, had the strength for, was to make paper dolls.
I’ve been crafting articulated paper dolls for the past four years now, first as a healing and expressive art, then as gifts. Now I’ve added dolls as media for others to purchase to celebrate life’s stories.
All dolls reinforced with recycled cardboard and backed with decorative specialty papers.

Purchase a Doll!
for $20