Write Your Book

It took me eight years to finish
and publish my third book in
2008, three years to finish and
publish my fourth in 2011.
In 2012 I published three
in one year, and the
exponential upward trend continues.

Whether the book in you has long
tugged at your heart, supports your
business or establishes your legacy,
let’s have fun together getting
your book out the door!

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Client Endorsements
Our editor
actually said our
draft was “elegant.”

Margaret Greenberg
co-author with Senia Maymin of
Profit from the Positive:
Proven Leadership Strategies to
Boost Productivity and
Transform Your Business

(McGraw-Hill, August 2013)

In the early stages of bringing my book to life, Gina helped me find my authentic voice. “Write what you want to write, not what you think someone else wants to read,” she advised.


When the book started to take shape, Gina encouraged me to send it out for reader feedback. She walked me through a set of criteria for choosing my readers and reminded me that I didn’t have to accept everyone’s feedback. However, if several people are saying the same thing, then I had better listen.


As my co-author and I were polishing the final manuscript, we heeded Gina’s advice and read our manuscript aloud. We caught typos, inconsistent tense and other irregularities we missed when reading the manuscript solely inside our heads. Our editor actually said our first draft was “elegant,” due in part to this process.

Profit from the Positive


Gina Greenlee
can change thinking
about or talking about
a book into getting
down to business
writing it.


Jennifer H. Mendoza PhD
author of How to Grow Up
Without Being Screwed Up

(Peppertree Press, Dec 2012)

I struggled for more than a decade to organize my thoughts and experience into a usable manuscript. When Gina listened to me explain my vision she persisted for weeks until the work was fully sculpted the way I envisioned it. When I became blocked, she ran me through exercises until the words flowed again.

Cool Tools
Gina can relate
to any problems
you have because
she has been through
them all learning
to write herself.


Philip Wilber
author of
85 Years Under the Sun
(Create Space, July 2012)

Two years ago, I picked up one of Gina’s books and decided, mainly for my children, to write about growing up during the Depression and WWII. Through the act of writing I also discovered that I wanted to share my ideas about life and business resulting from those experiences.

85 Years Under the Sun
My Coaching engagement focuses on one of three areas
depending on where you are in your process:
Start Your Book!
You’ve got a book “in you” and you need a jump start and guidance getting it out of you and written down.
Finish Your Book!
You’ve started a book but it has stalled and you want to jump start it and…keep going…
Kindle Coaching: Publish Your Book!
You’ve completed your book and now that ePublishing is easy, with no barriers to entry, you’d like help publishing it electronically.
An organic yet deliberate practice of play, metaphor and rhythm as the way in to the sweet spot: joyful productivity.

Ideal Engagement width=
• First month is assimilating and practicing a new approach
• Second month is entering a rhythm of practice
• Third month is continuing that rhythm while stage setting for continued productivity
  once the coaching engagement concludes.
*Three months; minimum engagement: one month
We chat twice a month (30-minute phone sessions) and work via email throughout the month.

Let’s get started!


We can talk about it, dream about it and dissect the fine print. In the end, only action satisfies our longing.

Gina Greenlee

Cost: $225/month