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Prolific Author Gina Greenlee & Amazon Co-Release, “Formula 5: Brain Science Your Way..."

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Formula 5 Book

Sarasota, FL - April 25, 2018 - “Formula 5”, Gina Greenlee’s most anticipated book and certain to be an Amazon best-seller, goes on sale today, April 25, 2018. Formula 5 reveals the secrets of the underlying neuroscience of productivity for all writers. Formula 5 is the new writers bible for novelists, poets, screenwriters, and business writers in any industry.

“Formula 5 is for writers of every niche’ and what the Associated Press Stylebook is to journalists worldwide,” says Mark Skovron, PhD and Chief Editor for MaxGroup Media and MaxGroup Market Watch.

After years of being overwhelmed and frustrated by the inability to execute productively on a continual flood of ideas, in 2017 Greenlee developed Formula 5: The empirical, strategic, efficient – and most important – fun and sustainable system for faster, easier execution of written ideas.

Through the deliberate practice of research underlying the neuroscience of productivity, Gina Greenlee, best-read author of 14 books, has increased the rate at which she writes and publishes books exponentially since 2012: from one book every three years, then annually and now three books a year and counting. This system is will be available in the book, Formula 5: Brain Science Your Way to Batch System Writing, which has been released on Amazon worldwide, April 25, 2018.

“Formula 5 is the greatest gift to writers everywhere that has no limits or ending,” declares Mike Wooten, CEO of Landmark Results Group, author and world-renowned keynote speaker and trainer.

What Formula 5 Will Teach You

Through the science of “Batch Writing” Greenlee’s book instructs in a technology which has been loosely compared to speed reading. Formula 5 is a scientific-based yet liberating approach to writing that facilitates writers of any definition to quickly produce more content than ever at a higher quality than previously experienced.

Producing a blog each day, scores of business proposals or half a dozen books a year is no longer considered exceptional. It is today’s standard for anyone with an idea to advance, be it a new thought, technology or product. This high level of productivity requires an energy-efficient system, not long days and sleepless nights.

The key is batching: grouping similar writing tasks and focusing on one batch at a time. Within each batch, you perform a single task and don’t let any other tasks distract you.

Batching is Not Multi-tasking

Research shows multi-tasking doesn’t work. The Formula 5 system isn’t the left-hand typing dialogue for a novel while the right-hand crafts transitional prose for a travel guide. Humans can perform two tasks at once, such as walk and talk, or chew gum and read a map. What we can’t do is focus on two things at once. Multi-tasking is an illusion. We cannot execute multiple tasks simultaneously. We can only do so in succession. What we’re really doing is what researchers refer to as “task switching.” And that is costly to our productivity.

“Before developing Formula 5, in the past, I’d attempted to multiply the mechanics of writing a single book by the number of books I desired to write and publish in a year. That didn’t work. Through play (experimentation) I had far more success at plateau-busting. This led me to new ideas such as writing books in parallel batches vs. singular and end to end, which became a core tenet of Formula 5.” - Gina Greenlee

The 8 Ways Formula 5 Will Improve Your Writing Ability

You will learn to eliminate task switching, to fuel momentum, how to enhance brain circuitry, decrease ramp-up time, surf the energy waves, sustain speed with strategy, harness your brain power and even be productive during downtime.

“Gina Greenlee has unleashed a scientifically proven technology and turned it into the most liberating addition for writers since the word processor. Formula 5 is everything you never thought was possible in writing at your fingertips,” says Rickey Barnett, Co-Founder of Simple Business Solutions, the webs most trusted resource for new businesses and entrepreneurs.

What You Should Do Next

  • Go to Amazon and buy the book, Formula 5: Brain Science Your Way to Batch System Writing

  • Create your personalized system using the book’s tenets.

  • Enhance your personal relationship to writing and by extension your productivity.

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“Don’t even write your next grocery list before you devour Greenlee’s Formula 5,” quips Jeff Peltin, Co-Founder of MaxGroup Business Solutions.

About Gina Greenlee

  • Author of 14 books, including the 2017 writing books, Have a Ball Writing Your First Novel and The Writer’s Toy Chest.

  • M.S. in Education. B.A. in English.

  • 20 years in strategic planning, project management and communications, skills honed while working and consulting to organizations including Johnson & Johnson, NBC, Johns Hopkins Health System, Aetna, The Tribune Company, Pacific Gas & Electric, and the Singapore Government Productivity wizard.


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