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Author | Speaker | Teacher | Coach


Author, Speaker, Teacher, Coach, Way-Shower


Teaching, Coaching and a Keynote Speaker since 1986 Gina Greenlee is a highly regarded and sought out leader. As one of the writing community's rising stars, Gina has produced a catalogue of 14 books with more to be released. Gina’s blockbuster book, Formula 5: Brain Science Your Way to Batch System Writing, was just released in May of 2018 and has been met with rave reviews.

A native of New York, Gina has travelled extensively internationally and visited many countries in the world. Gina appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show for a profound and inspiring segment called, Remembering Your Spirit.” 

Gina is the purest expression of free-spirit that can be imagined. is a favorite community and resource for writers, those who wish they were, and anyone who values living mindfully. Visit often to experience professional and personal growth from a variety of Gina’s guests, to be coached by Gina personally, and to make your soul smile.


Human beings are wired for novelty. The uncertainty of circumstances beyond our control has kept humankind acutely attuned to the need to readily adapt to change. It’s taken me nearly half a century, but I’ve finally embraced the novelty inherent to my humanity and my art. 


I am a writer. 
Not a horror writer, memoirist, business writer, romance, thriller or sci-fi fantasy writer. 


A writer. 


It’s who I am, how I live; how I interpret the world. Storytelling is my primary language for assimilating life experience. My burgeoning multi-genre publishing catalogue is a map of a deeply curious and imaginative mind.


Ideas are my favorite toys. Experimenting, making discoveries then grappling with their clear expression on the page to share with others is the primary reason I get up in the morning.

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