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I am Enough.

I recognize that I had spent the totality of my life reacting to things outside myself as opposed to creating things from the inside out.


Everyday, I’m fully conscious of how my activities align with my values.


Power is about who I am, not about what I have. It’s about how nothing can be taken away from me if I’m engaging my life in a completely integrated authentic way.

It’s exciting to meet you; I am grateful that you stopped by.


I am a native New Yorker and have traveled much of our world solo for many years. While on my fantastic journeys I have established my homestead in seven states, two countries and on two continents. Currently, I am nestled on the Gulf Coast of the United States, but who knows.


My favorite self-expression is through writing, so I penned 14 books, with many more inside of me bursting to come to life on paper and ink and digital too. The Universe has been good to me and gifted me with many adventures. Favorite memories whisper to me about the time I sang back up for a Tiny Tim Christmas album. I rode an elephant just because I could and made sure to thank him ever so kindly. 


Oprah Winfrey featured me on her show for a segment called Remembering Your Spirit which I thoroughly enjoyed paradoxically since I do not own nor, do I watch a television.


I failed 10th grade geometry but aced graduate school statistics. I was a vegetarian for 18 years until I woke up one morning screaming, “Tuna!” I wrote a newspaper magazine column for a while called "Dating Gina," in which there was very little dating.


I truly invent my life second by precious second. Every day is a birthday, a magnificent invention, a special, priceless gift and a marvel. I progress onward into this incredible astonishing dream that is my life.


I can teach you how to do the same if you’re interested. Should we rush right in together and start with the elephant ride, or do you prefer a slower pace?

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Gina Greenlee is a trail blazer in so many ways and Oprah Winfrey honored her for the difference she makes by featuring her on the Remembering Your Spirit Show.

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