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Engage. Comment. I Dare You.

Apple Sliced

Engage. Comment. I dare you. Shannon Peel

It takes a depth of humanity, transparency and presence to connect authentically with others in a digital space, to go beyond, “like,” a thumbs up or smiley face. Shannon Peel, one of my online mentors and owner of MarketAPeel Agency does this so well. On a recent LinkedIn post she writes:

Strong metal links

Engagement is the key to success on LinkedIn - selling is not.

Too many DMs (direct messages) are sales oriented.

I’m a busy person. You are a busy person. Use your time on LinkedIn to build trust before asking to connect or engage with you through DM.

People want to know there is a reason to respond to your DM because we are all tired of being sold to.

If you’ve engaged with their posts before you message them - it shows you know what they are about and will be an engaged member of their tribe. You will be able to express your value to them, what you are about, before asking them to risk valuable time talking to you through DMs or Zoom.

Engage. Comment. I dare you.

Green apple with heart cut out of it

For more about Shannon Peel visit her

branding agency website at MarketAPeel.


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