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Don’t Regret the Spill…

Gina Greenlee Artwork

Use the paint.

Gina Greenlee Artwork with smear
Ink smear from an inconveniently leaky pen: Gina Greenlee Photo credit: Danilo Perrazzone, Unsplash

US Map
Image credit: Jane Morgan, Unsplash

In the United States we are often obsessed with perfectionism. And catastrophize our failures. Luckily, failure does not result in the end of the world, and we can bounce back from setbacks if we can learn to accept failure with humility.

Failure Quote
Image credit: The Blow Up, Unsplash

Don’t like the word, “failure.” Try on boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard’s quote in the image.

And the quote below from internationally recognized life coach Tony Robbins:

There are no failures. Only outcomes. As long as I’m learning, I’m succeeding.

Two little girls at a desk
Image credit: Pexels Mart Production

Another reframe on fear: Be willing to experiment, a/k/a try stuff. At the heart of trying stuff is learning what works and what doesn’t. That is also the nature of innovation - taking the first step, and the next and then letting those first two steps inform the next four.


“Recognizing an act as an experiment releases it from a lot of seriousness, a lot of demands of perfection,” writes Kathleen Kralowic. “The outcome of experimentation is knowledge, and failure is just as valuable as success, because one has expanded one’s awareness of one’s own abilities, one’s deeper ideas, the potential of a media, a process, a genre, an art-form.”

In other words, did you play today?

Kids playing in science lab
Image credit: The Blow Up, Unsplash

It’s hard to freak about “failure” when you’re playing.


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