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My Broomstick’s at the Shop: Don’t Flip the Bird, Pat the Swan

Tops of broom sticks
Image credit: Eric Prouzet, Unsplash

The sentence headline is my little mantra for how I encourage and hopefully, reinforce, positive behavior on the road:


Motorists who:

  • Create space for me and the Suzuki Burgman 650 I’m riding by not hugging my bumper.

  • At stopped lights, remain a half-car length behind.

  • Share the road, such as when two city lanes merge into one. If I’m in the travel lane, they don’t speed past me from the merge lane to cut in front of bike.

  • Don’t turn left right in front of my bike when I’m riding ahead at travel speed in the opposite direction.


Thumbs up artwork

I give these motorists a little “thank you” wave or a thumbs up. That’s how I proverbially “pat the swan.”


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