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Corporate Fantasy

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Fancy Sports Car

To This Day I Remember Wanting to Strangle M. Strickland

Hands around throat,

breath on the choke.

My bulbous eyes

took his butt by surprise.

Yes! I whinnied,

while he wiggled by his

neck through the middle

of the vice of my hands.

I had plans!

I had plans!

But orgasmic reverie

ushered sense back to me

as I plopped

at my desk

mopping up Strickland’s mess.

Left by him on a whim –

For a VEEP he’s so dim.

How’d you get where you are?

You’re a hitch on whose star?

Ah! It’s time for the money –

Check withholdings, right honey?

Exchange cash at the bank

keep my man in the swank

and some food on the table

so my kids will be able

to run their own show

when they up, out and grow

and make their own way –

won’t get caught in the fray

of a fool’s paradise.

Corporate life ain’t that nice

when you gotta kiss feet to bring

meat for the eat.

No. No Stricklands for them

who blow by on a whim

with a mess to mop up.

For my kids: better lot

then a desk and a pen and

a pad and a phone.

So I make my way home

and remember the day

I resisted putting M. Strickland away.

◊ ◊ ◊

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