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Be Ruthless

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Little Girl With Eyes Wide Open

Grant yourself permission.

To not wash dishes, do laundry,

answer every email,

take the call every time

the phone rings,

text back every time it dings.

Permission to turn the phone off.

Permission to decline an invitation.

Permission to disengage from

a commitment you half-heartedly

committed to anyway;

permission to stay up all night and

read an engrossing novel in one sitting.

Permission to awaken without alarm.

Permission to say, “No.”

Break from the “news.”

Do what makes you feel good.

Make hope-based decisions.

Go on adventures.

Take a sabbatical.


Bid naysayers farewell.

Spend time with people who get it.

Prolific Without Pain Book

You don’t have to be rude

but you must be ruthless.

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