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An Unpredictable Weekend

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I had planned to be much on the move – going here, going there, doing this, doing that. Then I hit a pothole and my bike (Suzuki 650) just…stopped. In an unsafe roadway. Unexpected turn of events flowing from that provided greater understanding on a variety of fronts:

  • Being reminded that there are good people in the world – kindness and help from strangers.

  • Some friends are great when you are right in front of them but are not great in being dependable in an hour of need.

  • People who I thought would help me didn’t.

  • People who I didn’t think would help me did.

  • My body needed to MOVE this weekend, not ride. So I wound up walking for about 3 hours and it felt really good. It reminded me of how much I’ve NOT been in my body, sitting for hours at a computer. Way too much sitting. And it got me to reflect on what I need to do to move more throughout the week.

  • I got caught in a predicted rainstorm while walking. My phone got drenched and died.

  • OK because I had been procrastinating on activating the new phone Verizon forced me (the Luddite) to order. My flip phone (yes, you read that correctly) operated on an outdated 3G network. Apparently the rest of the world is on a 4G network, whatever that is. So I spent quite a bit of time dealing with my new phone. I hate technology. I also love it. I love when it works for me. I hate it when I have to fix it or toy with it or learn a new form of it. Frustrating. But…probably never would have done it had it not been for the old phone being ruined by the storm.

  • It is very refreshing to walk in the rain when it’s warm. Loved it. I might do it on purpose next time but leave my new phone home.

  • I learned that GEICO offers good insurance policies but they suck at towing motorcycles.

  • I learned that what I had originally planned to do before my bike just stopped in the left turn lane of a four-lane road is boring me. I’m bored. That means I’m living deep within my comfort zone and time to shake things up. So I’m making some changes. In my personal routine. Going where I need to go to see the changes I wish for at this stage of my life, rather than reaching for low hanging fruit.

  • And here’s the best part: My bike was actually fine. Once I got towed to Suzuki, I learned that the vibration over time of riding a bike loosens battery connections. The pothole just sealed the deal. All the mechanic had to do was tighten a screw. The bike is perfectly fine.

  • I reinstituted my gratitude practice. This weekend’s experiences and epiphanies reminded me of how much I have to be grateful for.


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