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Another Year

Open Sign
Image: Donald Teel, Arizona,

Another year has come and gone

miraculous the speed.

The voices told me as a child

to “Sow desire’s seed.”

I answered, “Yes” but planted trees

in earth well-tilled for others’ dreams.

Another year has come and gone

I know much more than then.

Still, the voices whisper

“If not now, when?”

I told them, “Soon – it’s close, so near”

but soon there came another year...

...has come and gone

hope’s seeds are wearing thin.

The voices speak, “The forest thrives,

replant your trees within.”

I said, “I know, your verse is clear

but my trees root themselves in fear.”

Another year has come and gone

Three decades plus passed by.

The voices speak in louder tones,

“Your dreams are soon to die.”

I wept, “Take hold, uproot my fear

for I won’t wait another year.”

December 1994

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From the poetry collection:


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