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Everything I’m wearing? Sal’s Army.

Woman showing off clothing

From neck to toe.

Woman wearing turquoise pants

That’s $25, ya’ll.

Woman showing off outfit

Yes, the shoes and belt, too.

Woman wearing a turquoise pair of pants

When my father died in 2004, the Salvation Army was a tremendous source of support to me. I am an only child who managed Dad’s estate from across state lines. I spent 10 hours with the two men who hauled every last item out of my father’s New York City apartment. I could not have done that alone, and I had no one else to help me.

From our time together, I learned about the men’s stories and struggles, and the rehabilitation program they were in. The work they were doing that day was part of the program. The Salvation Army helped them and me. I’ve been a staunch supporter ever since.


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