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It Has to Matter

Woman protesting
Photograph by East London Photographer, Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona (

Don’t set out to write “The Great [fill in your nationality] Novel” or the “next” [fill in the latest mega best seller] or “like” [fill in the name of your favorite author]. Write about what you want to write about. What’s close to your heart? Your anger or frustration? In other words, write about what you care about. What interests you? Turns you on? The big mid-20th century writing advice was “write about what you know.” I challenge that. Write about what excites you. That may not be anything you know but want to know. Passion and curiosity are more exciting and thus sustainable over the life of long-form writing.

Man Reading Business Newspaper

Right now I’m passionate about being in the conversation on race in America and globally. My lane is the workplace.

For more on the series I am co-authoring with longtime friend and author, Margaret Greenberg, visit our LinkedIn Series: Race in the Workplace, Discussing the Undiscussables.


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