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Jan 2, 2020

Tomorrow is promised to no one. It’s Time to Live the Life You’ve Imagined

Woman Holding a Bouquet of Yellow Balloons

Work Your Knack

You probably already know what your knack is. Others have observed it in you. You’ve observed it in yourself, though you’ve yet to claim it. Now’s the time.

When Life Hands You Lemons Why Stop at Lemonade?

If you’ve broken any promises to yourself, now is the time to make up for it.

Stop Waiting

At age 39, I took myself around the world. Had I waited – for someone to finally say, “I’ll go with you” – I’d still be waiting.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Try something you’ve resisted because you didn’t want to “make a fool” of yourself. Yeah, that thing. When you don’t take yourself too seriously, play becomes an act of discovery. You never know what’s beyond that first step.

Want More Fizz in Your Life? Shake Things Up

I could continue to live the life others had architected for me or I could shut my eyes and hold on as I freefell into a life beyond mere existence.

Grab Hold of Your Joy

Why can’t it be me? I wondered.

Living from the Inside Out

Boredom is not a void. It’s a question that seeks an answer.

Want to Live the Life You Dream? Act. Unnaturally

The only thing that moved me beyond fear is this: dive head first into the maw of the thing scaring me witless.


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