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Power Recipe #2: Platanos Maduros con Zhoug

Plantains in a package


1 pound bag of these (frozen):

Bag of Plantains

A tub of this:

Trader Joe's Zhoug Sauce

“Zhoug (pronounced ZhOOg) is a cilantro-based sauce/condiment I introduced in Power Recipe #1.

A jar of this:

Trader Joe's Everything spice

Equipment - one of these:



  • In microwave-safe bowl, plunk five hunks of plantain.

  • Cover and heat on high for 4 minutes.

  • Plantains should be cooked through.

  • Check center with a fork to be sure they are hot, hot, hot.

  • Zap another minute and a half to get them a teeny bit brown and sticky so they are almost candied. Yum.

Add a shake or two or three of Everything but the Bagel seasoning.

Plop a teaspoon of zhoug on top. Spread it around. Dig in.

The power in this recipe: you don’t actually cook, you assemble. If you can enjoy tasty, international tastes without toiling over a hot stove, why not? This warm and chewy mélange of savory flavors – a bit salty, a tad sweet, a hint of tang and respectably spicy – is great for breakfast, a late afternoon pick-me-up (POTASSIUM!) or a side dish with your dinner entrée.

Power Up, Ya’ll.


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