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Short Film Festival #2: Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times

Two Stangers Who Meet Five Times

Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times

Award-Winning Short Film by Marcus Markou

You never know when you'll cross paths again.

I LOVE movies and for a long while yearned to make at least one film. I often watch the features on the bonus section of DVDs, eager for how-to details on production. However, during these segments, filmmakers tend to enumerate horror stories of what it takes to create, distribute and market a commercial film. This left me feeling I didn’t have the constitution to pursue filmmaking.

However, I was inspired again after watching the short film Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times by filmmaker Marcus Markou. The film was deeply moving and prompted me to research Markou during which I discovered a video of him sharing the story of the film’s creation. His take on filmmaking is refreshing, and his overall worldview uplifting. No boasting of war wounds. Rather, “Go for it” is Markou’s message.

He breathes new life into anyone who has held the dream of filmmaking. It’s not as hard as you think, he encourages. Especially if you produce a short film, which gives you a tangible product to shop around should you wish to produce a feature length film. But that’s not Markou’s ultimate point. Instead, it is this: You’ve got a story to tell? Tell it.


by Marcus Markou


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